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Mahdi Rashidi

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How to Fix Windows and Linux Showing Different Times When Dual Booting

حل مشکل نمایش ساعت در دوال-بوت لینوکس و ویندوز برنامه نویس جاوا و پایتون، علاقمند به گنو/لینوکس و ماجراجویی در هرکجا. وبسایت : کامپیوتر شما زمان روی یک ساعت سخت افزاری در مادربورد ذخیره میکنه، که حتی وقتی کامپیوتر هم خاموش بود این ساعت از بین نره. Original Article from HowToGeek : How to… Continue reading

Persian OCR Scanning, The Easy Way!

you have scanned a document, you want to make it editable! what’s the best way to make it happen? yes, using OCR Scanning Tools. but most of them are not support Persian Encoding. I explained how i convert my scanned documents to editable texts on a post on virgool. تبدیل تصویر به متن فارسی مثل… Continue reading

Django and Flask Comparison!

this is a really great comparison between these two popular python frameworks. by David Baumgold . DjangoCon US 2017 – Django vs Flask by David “DB” Baumgold DjangoCon US 2017 – Django vs Flask by David “DB” Baumgold When it comes to web development in Python, Django isn’t the only game in town. Flask is a… Continue reading

UTF8 Subtitle Fixer!

Persian Subtitle Fixer UTF8 Subtitle is a Handy Tool to Fix Persian/Arabic Subtitles encoding with ease, so you can enjoy watching your favorite Movies in All Players with UTF8 Support! I’m eager to hear from you about this application 🙂 Download Here : [download id=”475″]